“My flabby belly disappeared while enjoying myself”

Classes for pole dancingPole dancing for fitness has rapidly gained popularity over the past ten years and the craze is set to increase in to the next decade. Now you can find some great online classes for pole dancing that allows anyone to to take up the sport in the comfort on their own home.

We take a closer look at why so many people are taking up pole dancing and why online classes for pole dancing are helping so many women stay fit and lose weight.

“Reviews for the best online pole dancing classes and eBooks”

The Fun Way To Get Fit and Lose Weight

Pole dancing combines dance, gymnastics, aerobics and weight training, all rolled into one.  As well as the fun factor you will become incredibly fit,  lose weight and feel great.

Pole fitness helps relieves stress and allows you to be creative, unlike traditional dancing you are not restricted by space, all you need is a 6ft area around the pole.

As for fitness, pole dance exercises are good for muscle building, flexibility and burns fat. It’s far more enjoyable to perform than regular exercise and the benefits tends to be noticeable sooner rather than later!

Burn up to 300 – 400 calories

While the moves might look quite simple, there’s a lot of muscle engagement used in many areas of the body. You will be using energy and burning fat even when performing the most simple-looking moves.

If you are new to pole dancing and haven’t been exercising for a while, you will probably experience initial muscle pain throughout your body. Believe me, the result is worth it.  It’s estimated that one hour of pole fitness exercise can burn up to 300 – 400 calories.

As with any exercise or dance class, the best way to learn is in a real class with an instructor.

But if you don’t have the time, money or would rather try pole dancing in the comfort of your home there are many good online courses you can try. You can practice on your own or as a regular social gathering with friends. Pole dancing parties at home is becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of pole dancing at home

There are hundreds of videos courses available online, not to mention thousands of pole fitness tutorials on YouTube. But, there are only a small number legitimate online classes for pole dancing worth mentioning (see below my top four best online classes for pole dancing).

Who to trust

Pole dancing videos on YouTube tend to be more entertainment or promoting lessons for other online courses. As there are so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones to choose that offer true value while avoiding the ones that introduce beginners to misguided information and bad habits.

It’s important to start by learning the basics and develop skills correctly and in the right order. Getting it right at the beginning will make it more enjoyable and help you progress without missing out vital lessons on the way.

Pole dancing is increasing in popularity world wide. Join this amazing sport and see it’s benefits for yourself.

Advantages of online pole dancing classes

Online pole dancing classes has many benefits over local live classes. Of course, this only applies to quality, well managed online pole dancing courses. Unfortunately, there are a small number of unscrupulous websites offering pole fitness classes, these websites should be avoided.

The main reasons many people prefer online pole dance lessons is because over a long term they are less expensive and convenient.

Top courses offer trial lessons for beginners, perfect for those who want to know the basics before splashing out on a full membership.

Even full membership is usually a onetime fee with lifetime access and regular updates and works out a lot cheaper than paying for local classes.

Obviously, biggest benefit of online classes for pole dancing is the suitability aspect of learning from the comfort of your home.

There’s no need to visit to your local fitness center or dance studio to train and practice routines. Providing you have a pole at home, you can practice at your own pace at any time of the day or night.

Another benefit of online courses is that you can repeat lessons as many times as you like until you feel comfortable to move on to the next stage.

Classes For Pole Dancing Online

There are hundreds of pole fitness classes on the internet but very few offer a full package comprising of high quality videos, lessons by real pole dancing instructors, customer service and support.

The good news is, I’ve included the best three that offer all the above, high quality service and content with real value to their members.

They will explain in detail about getting started, beginners pole dance exercises, best pole dancing clothes to wear and much more.

Also, I will reveal those online courses to avoid, unfortunately there a small number of scam sites that keep popping up, so I’ve included a few to avoid.



classes for pole dancing

Open Dance Academy is top of our list for online classes for pole dancing for many reasons.

The Open Dance Academy comprises of a team of dedicated people who are passionate about teaching the art of pole dancing.

Together, they have created a stunning online platform designed to inspire and teach you Pole Dancing directly from top industry leaders.

They offer an extensive range of pole dancing lessons for all skill levels, from beginners and intermediates to professionals.

If you’re just starting out and not sure if these courses are right for you, you can sample their trial class first, perfect if you want to give it a go before committing to a full course.

You will learn pole dance exercises, techniques, essential skills and tricks.  The course consists of  concise, easy to follow pole-dancing videos by some of the worlds best instructors. .

The website was founded by pro male pole dancer Evgeny Greshilov.  Evgeny has carefully put together a comprehensive series of lessons from the world’s best pole dance.

Online pole dance lessons

The instant you gain access to your membership area, you get the feel you are in good hands.  You can expect to be guided step-by-step all the way through your lessons.

Once inside the program there’s a ton of value that is shared from all these pro pole dancers.  They will help you understand how to do pole elements and moves the right way.

They literally take you by the hand and walk you through step-by-step on each move.  The lessons are so well constructed they are easy to understand and put into action.

How much are pole dancing classes?

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There are five various levels to choose from depending on your skill level. Prices start from $40 for the trial  and up to $350 for the entire series.


#2  PoleBody®  Pole Dancing Fitness Classes – Complete Home Edition

If your more in to fitness then this maybe the perfect online pole dancing course for you. The PoleBody®  Pole Dancing Fitness Classes is for all skill levels from beginners to professional wanting to learn pole dancing for the purposes of fitness.

As well as learning the basics, you will be introduced to many pole dance exercises to help you gain ultimate fitness.

The program was developed by 35-year-old Danna, an experienced ballet dancer and jazz plus other forms of dance, now a certified pole dance teacher.

Diana’s, website states the classes are for the average women looking to get fit. The course comprises of over 130 pole dancing videos to help you learn the basics to advance techniques.

This program offers Step-by-step tutorials, not only for pole dancing but also includes ballet moves and additional professional dance techniques.

Lessons begin with warm up routines, stretches and vital exercises designed to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Dianna classes for pole dancing offers so much for the price. Although this is a budget course, it is well presented and full of  well-constructed content. (click here for latest price and discounts).

pole dancing lessons



#3 Pole Tricks Handbook (eBook)

This is not a course but an eBook for intermediate/advanced pole dancers who want to learn more moves. The Pole Tricks Handbook will make a terrific addition to either of the above courses to help increase your pole skills.

Natasha Williams

The author states this is the only step-by-step eBook available on the market for pole dancing moves.

You can expect to learn new moves as your guided through each process by Natasha Williams. Natasha Williams is a aster Pole Dance Instructor from South Africa.

Natasha has been teaching since 2004, with an amazing track record of teaching thousands of women lean pole dancing.